The Antioch Seniors Trips Office plans two trips each month; we travel to one of the area casinos on the 4th Tuesday each month, plus a day trip to fabulous sites throughout the extended San Francisco bay area or the central valley area.

We go from seashore to the foothills, from museums and plays to ballgames and wineries.

In addition to these day trips, we offer various multi-day tours to more exotic locations. 2018 trip offerings include; the Queen Mary & Catalina, Nashville & Branson, and Italy by Rail.

2019 tours feature New Orleans Pre-Mardi Gras, Sedona red rocks/Grand Canyon, Journey around Lake Michigan/Mackinac Island, and the New England & Cape Cod Fall foliage tour.

Life on the road


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Click on the links to the left for more details, plus flyers are available outside the Trips Office.

Or, you may talk to any of our volunteers in the Trips office Monday thru Friday mornings.

Or call us at (925) 754-2231 or (925) 779-2821.

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